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Your Wings - scattering ashes through a final flight

You've come to this website which means one of two things. You've lost someone close to you and you're planning their funeral, or you're making your own final arrangements. Whichever reason has brought you here, we're really, very sorry. We know how hard this time is.

We also know, through our own experiences, how important it is to find the right, most fitting way to say goodbye to a loved one. And really simply, that's why we set up Your Wings. By scattering cremated ashes during a licenced skydive, we offer a way to make the dream of flight come true, even after death. And, just as importantly, to help loved ones grieve by marking an extraordinary life in a significant and memorable way.

On this simple website you can find out everything you need to know about scattering ashes during a sky dive. Or go straight to our 'Frequently Asked Questions'. And of course, if you just want to ring or email us, we're always happy to talk.