on a regular basis to host final flights. You can see our regular locations listed below, or click on the map. We’re adding to this UK list on a regular basis, and we've also arranged final flights in the US and Europe, so the best way to find out if we can scatter ashes in a certain location, is to

Where we do it

Basically we cover anywhere in the world that has a drop zone. That means if you or your loved one had a special location in mind, we’ll work with you to take the final flight in that area.

In the UK we work with several drop zones ask us.

For a final flight through a skydive in the UK, we will always use a British Parachute Association (BPA) affiliated airfield, otherwise known as a drop zone. A drop zone is a legally licensed airfield that’s allowed to release skydive traffic into flight paths. In the UK these airfields are affiliated with the BPA, as are the Your Wings parachutists. And because they’re legally licensed airfields, they are always out-of-town and guaranteed to be among some beautiful countryside.

At any drop zone, there's a safe, restricted area for parachute landings, and a separate area for any spectators. All drop zones have toilets, as well as tea and coffee facilities. Some drop zones have limited in-house catering, so we always bring along a sandwich lunch on the day, to make sure you're properly fed and watered. Just remember to let us know about any dietary requirements or allergies you have. Or, if you prefer, you're welcome to bring your own food with you.

If you’re more interested in scattering ashes from an aircraft over a specific landmark or location in the UK, then depending on any Civil Aviation Authority or Airspace restrictions, we can arrange it for you. Just ask.

Click on the map to see a complete picture.

Dunkeswell Airfield
Nr Honiton
EX14 4LG
In the sky above Dunkeswell you see the beautiful rolling Devon countryside for miles and miles. This drop zone is superbly located for coastal views whichever way you turn. Centrally located only 10 miles away from the south coast, and 20 miles from the north Devon coast, a captivating final flight location for someone who enjoyed both air and sea.

London Parachute School
Chiltern Park Aerodrome
OX10 6AS
Ipsden is surrounded by typically stunning Oxfordshire countryside. Rolling green fields, farmland, stone buildings and cottages, less than 2 miles away from the River Thames, and eight miles from Henley On Thames. A truly classic British setting for a final flight.

Redlands Airfield
Wanborough Road
On the borders of Oxford and Wiltshire, Wanborough is wonderfully located for stunning views of the ancient Ridgeway National Trail. Close to the M4 and A419 it's also got great access for anyone travelling to this airfield.

UK Parachuting
Sibson Airfield
Sibson is set in the picturesque shire of Cambridge, five miles from Peterborough and surrounded by far-reaching, historic landscapes. Sibson also has a gliding club and houses a wide variety of aircraft, so would be a perfect final flight location for aviation enthusiasts.

Beccles Airfield
NR34 7TE
Beccles is located on the most easterly point of the UK, and only three and a half miles from the east cost. Breath taking views of the South East coast line and the English Channel, and an idyllic location for a final flight.

Is 'Your Wings' right for you?

Things to consider when planning or choosing to scatter from the sky.